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About Shaidaeshabbir

Help to an Oppressed

The Great Tragedy of Karbala is not chained to any specific Creed, Religion or Race! Human awareness has accepted this Great Tragic Event with its entire wondrous capabilities; rather succor to an Oppressed has become a sign of nobility of self! Consequently, prose, poetry, discourse from a pulpit, elegy whether in the form of elegiac poetry (Nauha) or prose (Marsiya), self – flagellation and lamentations are all clear signs of Help to Oppressed.

All these are following that Voice which echoed in the noon of A’ashoora ----- the 10th of Moharram 61 A.H. ----- هل من ناصرٍ ينصرنا , “Isthere anyone who would help us ? ”This Voice has traversed 1368 years and is still reverberating with its profundity and shall continue echoing till the Day of Judgement!

Hussain (AHS) son of Ali (AHS) having bought the land of Karbala addressed the men & women of Tribe of Asad and said : When we are martyred, you should bury our dead – bodies and then addressing their children said : When you come playing here, throw some dust on our dead bodies ! Participation of children in Mourning for Imam Hussain (AHS) is in fact fulfilment of Imam Hussain’s (AHS) this very wish & request! Hence in the month of Safar of 1964, a few young children laid the foundation for Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) . During this long period of 50 years they consistently performed Ma’atam in Iranian style on Persian & Urdu elegies or Nauhas.

It can be proudly said here that Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) holds not only a prominent position rather a central place. In certain Majalis ----- gathering to commemorate the Great Tragedy of Karbala ------ we have to recite Marsiya and Salutations (Ziyarat) to Imam Hussain (AHS) & his Faithful Companions just so that the Mother of Imam Hussain (AHS) is content. The greatest wish & the most coveted treasure for Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) is to please Bibi Fatima (AHS). Hence Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) never differentiated between Persian & Urdu Nauhas rather gave preference to Lamentations offering Help to the Oppressed ! Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) never focused on worldly gain in lieu of their services and took care to see that every congregation is Majlis of Imam Hussain (AHS) !

The popularity of Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) is an award due to their sincerity and the strength of their character. In the present era of uncertainty, such groups who perform Ma’atam are providing trainingto youngsters so that the Institute of Azadari continues without any break and is thus offered as a coveted award to the coming generations.

Azadari itself is witness that Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) never made Remembrance of Imam Hussain (AHS) a source of worldly matter. It never accepted any financial offers or gifts given by persons who arrange Majlis in their homes, for their services. It manages its affairs all by its members alone for we know that Azadari is neither a commercial venture nor it is for us a source of sustenance. We in Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) are absolutely certain that no one can reward them except Holy Bibi Fatima (AHS) ,because no wealth is greater than the appeasement of Holy Bibi Fatima (AHS)

Carry Furaat River in thine eyes for,
Our reward is on the threshold of Syeda!

It is indeed a source for happiness for us, that Our members are engrossed in gathering worldly & religious knowledge and are engaged in search of suitable jobs too for they know very well, that apart from their religious obligations and Azadari, they do not have to take anything from this world.

Every lunar year right from 29th of month of Zulhijjah to Moharram 12th , Majalis are held by Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) in Alawa Bibi. In a similar manner, the Garoh performs Ma’atam and Flagellation by knives & swords in Alawa Bibi. This is the only Guroh which while taking part in the A’ashoora Procession, performs Ma’atam till the very end of it when the Procession culminates on the banks of River Moosa where the Standard or “Alam” of Bibi Fatima (AHS) is taken of its lancet or pole and then folded off its banners and placed in its casket and the Guroh then performs a Majlis offering condolences to Holy Bibi Fatima (AHS) over the wholesale massacre of her (AHS) entire household . During few early years there some difficulties during the Conclusion Ceremony of the Procession but later everything went well for the Guroh is confident that their entire power is the name of Hussain!!

Whose prayers are for us, who helps us all along?

The Flagellants are but of course protected by Abbas !

Every year, Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbeer’s main Majlis is arranged on Safar 17th in Ibadat Khana wherein, Ma’atam of the Eighth Holy Imam (AHS) is performed.

On the 7th of the month of Rabi’e al Awwal, the Guroh performs Ma’atam the whole night in Muneer Cottage, Panjetan Colony.

The services rendered by the following members during the Procession of A’ashoora & Arba’een cannot be denied:
Syed Abul Fazal Moosavi (Chotoo)
Sajjad Ali (Ammu)
Wajid Ali Saleem
Syed Najaf Hyder
Hyder Ja’aferi
Asad Ali Asad
Syed Mazher Hussain and
Ghulam Raza

Those persons who played an important role in the establishment of and nurturing & bringing up Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbir(a.s) are : Syed Mohammed Hashim Moosavi

Syed Asghar Ali Khan
SyedMohammed Raza Khan (Rajju Agha)
Syed Hussain Ali Sajjad
Syed Mustafa (Hamid)
Syed Basheer Ahmed (Parvez)
Qayam Ali
Syed Mohammed Ali Ja’aferi
Shameem al Hassan Abedi
Abbas Ali
Baqir Ali
Sajjad Ali

Those persons whose Nauhas, Salaams etc. are regularly recited by our Reciters are :

Allama Najm Effendi
Hakeem Aashufta
Ali Javeed Maqsood
Mirza Fareed Baig
Alamdar Ali Sahil
Syed Mehdi Moosavi

and those from Pakistan are :

Rehan Azmi
Shahid Ja’afar
Ahmed Naweed
Zafar Abbas
Sohail Shah
Anees Paharsehri


Members of Us are indeed to be applauded for their great contribution toward GROUH and website. Reward for this work will certainly be granted by Holy Bibi Fatima (AHS) .

ہر دور   میں  حسین  کا  ماتم  کرینگے  ہم
کوئ  یہ  غم   کرے  نہ  کرے ہم کرینگے  ہم


Syed Najaf Ali Showkat,
‘Reader’Guroh – e – Shaidai – e – Shabbeer.